This versatile yoga mat bag is designed to perform anywhere you choose. Comfy straps, extra pockets, all combined with a luxurious exterior finish made of recycled plastic bottle microfiber; this bag is an everyday must-have. All in one, carry your mat to class or run away to a deserted island for the weekend, it’s got you!



MULTI POCKET FUNCTIONALITY 5 extra zipper secured pockets for your valuables and much more!



SOFT YET DURABLE Made from recycled plastic bottles microfiber, adjustable shoulder straps/sling.



  • Länge: 73.5 cm / 29 in
  • Umfang (gefüllt): 53.4 cm / 21 in+
  • Geeignet für Maschinenwäsche 30°

Yoga Bag Java Yoga Design Lab

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